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The Ruby Foo’s hotel's Sustainable Journey

A new Ruby Foo’s, a new blog! Find out why we’re transitioning towards a sustainable, positive-impact hotel and what you’ll be sure to love in the relaunch of our blog. 

Published on September 12th 2023. 

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Sustainable Living Insights from the David Suzuki Foundation: Wisdom and Practical Tips

Discover inspiring sustainability insights from David Suzuki's C2 event speech in Montreal. Learn about bidets, water conservation, and mindful eating, along with the pros and cons of electric vehicles. Explore practical tips for a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Published on November 8th 2023.

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Sustainable Tourism: Eco-Responsible Actions to Adopt While Traveling

Explore a guilt-free journey with sustainable tourism practices. Discover eco-responsible tips, from reducing your carbon footprint by traveling closer to home to choosing responsible hotels committed to sustainability. Learn how packing zero-waste essentials and avoiding car travel can make a significant impact. Embrace consuming local products to support the environment and local economies. Respect nature by following outdoor guidelines and opting for eco-friendly activities. Join the movement for responsible travel and consider the Ruby Foo’s in Montreal, offering elegant, comfortable, and eco-friendly accommodation. Book your room now for a conscious and enjoyable stay. Welcome to a world of responsible exploration!

Published on December 19th 2023.

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