World Health Day 2024

As Housekeeping Manager, Zahra always prioritises the health of her team and colleagues. Here are a fw words from Zahra to highlight World Health Day.


"Under the theme of World Health Day 2024: 'Our health, our rights', let's celebrate together the importance of health. 

The stakes are high on all fronts, especially in the current global context, where each and every one of us contributes in our own way to promote the necessity of taking care of our health: our health is our wealth! The Ruby Foo's is aware of this challenge; the well-being of our staff is apriority. Access to the gym, workplace protection, training, and awareness are provided to all. 

To mark World Health Day, an organic apple and a homemade energy bite are offered to all employees, and a fountain of water infused with fresh fruits and vegetables is available to our guests"

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